The concept of a Stony Point Police Department was started shortly prior to 1967, when a group of Stony Point citizens approached the Town Board and requested that a full-time Police Force be established. Until then the Town’s police services were provided by Stony Point residents acting as Constables and the New York State Police from a barracks on 9W in Stony Point.

Stony Point Police Patch from 1967 – 1976

On October 25, 1967, Stephen G Scurti, a New York State Trooper working out of the Stony Point Barracks for the past four years, resigned his appointment to the New York State Police to assume the position of Stony Point’s 1st Chief of Police. Chief Scurti, the sole full-time Police Officer, worked out of one room located in the rear of the Town Hall on East Main Street. In 1968, the Police Department consisted of Chief Scurti and eleven (11) part-time Police Officers working from 8:00 AM to 12 Midnight providing patrol and emergency services. As the demand for services increased, the department grew.

In 1971, the Police department moved to 112 West Main Street with eight full-time Police Officers and a smaller part-time complement as well as several Crossing Guards.

Stony Point Police Cruiser circa 1970

June 1972: The Police Department went on a 7-day, 24 hours-per-day, service schedule and by the end of 1972 the department had grown to 13 full-time Police Officers.

As the demand for services increased, the need for some specialization became apparent. The Stony Point Detective Bureau was formed in July 1973, and through the remainder of the 1970’s the department continued to grow, providing quality law enforcement and emergency services to its residents. By 1979, the department consisted of 19 full-time Police Officers, a civilian clerk, Crossing Guards and several Auxiliary Police Officers.

Patrolman Bill Franks and Chief Stephen Scurti inspect a new cruiser.

In 1980, the Police Department moved to its present location at 79 Rte 210. The facility was constructed on land donated by Eleanor Allison, in memory of Calvin T Allison. The building is a modern facility constructed to serve the changing needs of today’s police services. In 1980, the Stony Point Police Athletic League (P.A.L.) was formed by the department and concerned citizens in an effort to provide activities and special services to the youth of our Community.

1981 newspaper article regarding the grand opening of the current police facility.

In August 1981, the Stony Point Youth Bureau was established. The Youth Bureau was perceived as a means of providing important services to youth in trouble and a conduit for referrals for troubled youth and youth with special needs.

In June 1984, the Stony Point K-9 was created. This specialized unit provided invaluable services to the Stony Point community as well as assisting other bordering authorities in many related emergencies.

Detective David Schassler and K9 officer Clyde receive an award from Chief Scurti.

In May of 1990, the Stony Point Police Department assigned a member to the Rockland County Narcotics Task Force. This unit is comprised of Police Officers from around the County of Rockland and focuses on narcotics investigations.

In 1991, the Stony Point Police Department was one of the first Police Departments in the State of New York, and the first in Rockland County, to become fully accredited, exemplifying its leadership in the police professional law enforcement community. 1991 also saw the start of the Police Department D.A.R.E. program. Working in conjunction with our local schools, it provides our youth with Drug Abuse Resistance Education. This program has been well received and has been expanded to include our parochial and elementary schools. In November 1991, mobile data terminals were installed in police patrol vehicles to assist the patrol officer in providing swift and efficient law enforcement services.

Stony Point Police Patch from 1976 – 1996

In October of 1992, the Stony Point Police Department celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary with an open house and celebration that was attended by many Town residents, elected officials and fellow law enforcement officers. The authorized strength stood at twenty-seven full-time Police Officers, six part-time Police Officers, ten Auxiliary Police Officers and one full time and three part-time clerical staff. On April 30, 1994, Stephen G. Scurti, the first officer and only Chief of Police, retired after thirty-one years in law enforcement. Lieutenant David Jackson, a 22-year veteran of the department, was appointed Chief of Police.

In 1995, Chief Jackson begins the process of computerizing the police department operations.

On July 31, 1996, Chief David Jackson retires after 25 years of service to the Stony Point Police Department. Lieutenant William F. Franks, a 23 year veteran, was appointed Chief of Police.

Stony Point Police Patch from 1996 through 2023.

In May of 1999, the department started the Stony Point Youth Court. The program operates under the direction of the Department Youth Officer, Detective Andrew Kryger, with assistance from the Stony Point Justice Court. The program is intended as a learning and diversion program for Stony Point youth.

In June of 1999, the department formed a Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit. The unit is comprised of members of the uniform patrol who will receive specialized training with the assistance of the New York State Department of Transportation. The unit was formed to conduct safety inspections on the high volume of commercial vehicle traffic travelling through Town.

Communications Center circa 1999.

In November of 1999, the department began a renovation and upgrade project to its communication center. The project is financed with an $ 180,000.00 grant received from the State of New York. When complete, the communications center will be outfitted with the most up to date electronics and be capable of running multiple operations simultaneously.

In March of 2000, the Department places in service its first patrol car with the traditional black and white paint scheme. Stony Point P.D. is the first Police Department in Rockland County to reintroduce the black and white patrol cars.

On March 15, 2000, the Stony Point Police Department suffers the loss of Detective Douglas J. Cole-Hatchard Jr., an 18 year veteran, when he succumbs to a heart attack.

Rockland County Intelligence Center

In March of 2001, the Department assigns its first member to the Rockland County Intelligence Center. This unit is comprised of Police Officers from departments within Rockland County and focuses on gathering and disseminating criminal information to law enforcement agencies.

On July 31, 2002, Chief William F. Franks retires after 28 years of service to the Stony Point Police Department. Lieutenant Daniel M. Ricci, a 19 year veteran, was appointed Chief of Police.

In April of 2003, the department assigns a member to be its first School Resource Officer. The Officer will be assigned to the James A. Farley Middle School. The SRO will act as a liaison between the Police Department and the school students and staff and also instruct the DARE program at the Farley Middle School and Immaculate Conception School. In June of 2003, the Stony Point Police Department is reaccredited by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services. In July of 2003, the department assigns 2 members to participate in the Rockland Regional Entry and Counter-Terrorism Team, known as “R.E.A.C.T.” This team is comprised of police officers from departments within Rockland County who will receive training in special weapons, tactics and counter-terrorism operations. The team will be available to assist all law enforcement agencies within Rockland County and upon special request to those outside Rockland.

In October of 2005, by resolution of the Stony Point Town Board, the police station located at 79 Rte. 210 was dedicated as the “Stephen G. Scurti Police Facility” in honor of Stephen G. Scurti, the Town’s first Chief of Police. The dedication of our building in honor of Stephen G. Scurti is a recognition that was well deserved and brings this agency full circle.

On January 2, 2006, Chief Daniel M. Ricci retires after 23 years of service to the Stony Point Police Department. Lieutenant Patrick M. Brophy, a 24-year veteran, was appointed Chief of Police.

On May 27, 2011, Chief Patrick M. Brophy retired after 29 years of service to the Stony Point Police Department. Lieutenant Brian J. Moore was appointed Chief of Police. Chief Moore began his career with the Stony Point Police Department in January 1980 as a police trainee, then part-time police officer until becoming a full-time officer in February 1983.

June 2019 our department began transition to a new design for its patrol vehicles.

On June 25, 2021 Chief Moore retired after 41 1/2 years in law enforcement. On July 27, 2021 Lieutenant Ed Finn was appointed Chief of Police for the Stony Point Police Department.

March 2023 a newly designed uniform patch is introduced replacing the 1996 design, incorporating the Hudson River Valley, American Flag and Bald Eagle, our national emblem since 1782. Bald Eagles can be found throughout Stony Point, especially near the Hudson River.

Current Patch introduced in 2023

Communications renovation and upgraded in 2023.

Currently our authorized strength stands at 27 full-time and 3 part-time police officers and several auxiliary officers. In 2022 the School Resource Officer (SRO) program was reimplemented, with the North Rockland Central School District and Town of Stony Point Town Board support, and an officer was assigned full-time to our schools. The department also has 1 full-time and 2 part-time clerical staff and is responsible for overseeing the Dog Control Officer and the Crossing Guard staff.

On May 29, 2024 Chief Finn retired after 38 years in law enforcement, and Lieutenant Greg Becker was appointed Chief of Police for the Stony Point Police Department.